Privacy Policy.

Although personal contact details such as name, address, date of birth or email may be used to take payment, construct an astrology report and/or send you a copy of your purchase or written reading, it is not the policy of this website to store, share or sell these details with any other business for the purposes of marketing/sales or for any fraudulent activity such as identity theft.


Beyond those set by the ISP of this website, and search engines, we do not use cookies to collect information about you. Any advertising that you see on this webpage has been placed here by and the Astro-Report Shop is in no way responsible for this content, or any data that is inadvertently collected by them by using this site.


Due to a recent changes in UK/EU privacy law, we now have a more detailed web privacy policy, which you can access by following the link.

Terms of Use & Privacy Policy

Terms of Use.

Please note that all astro-reports and readings ordered via the Astro-Sphere Shop are considered by law to be for entertainment purposes only and should not be confused with psychological/marriage counselling, independent financial advice or any other form of professional advice service.


All astro-reports are non-refundable once sent. If you are at all unsure of dates/time of birth etc, please use the contact page to let us know before you order, or as soon as possible afterwards. If we are unsure of name spelling, date of birth or need any other details, we will contact you for confirmation before constructing the report or carrying out the reading.

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