Six Month Personal Forecast


Wondering what to do when over the next six months?


Transits map the cycles of the planets in relation to your natal chart. Often these planetary cycles coincide with the major rites of passage in an individual's lifetime, such as the first Jupiter Return at age 12 which signals the beginning of puberty, or the Uranus Half Return at the age of about 41 that often corresponds to the Mid Life Crisis. Rather like a personal weather forecast, a transit report will help you to anticipate any potential problem areas to address, whilst also enabling you to capitalise on any potential opportunities for growth and expansion that could be coming your way astrologically.


This stylish and comprehensive report covers:


  • Lunar Progressions & ingresses

  • Outer planetary transits of: Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus,Neptune, Pluto, the Lunar Nodes.


Length: 10-20 pages





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