Relationship Report

Wondering whether you were made for each other? Can astrology tell you if your relationship has the potential to go the distance?


Looking for a way to understand the dynamics between you and a boyfriend/girlfriend, spouse or potential lover? Astrology can offer some surprising insights into how two people may gel from a romantic perspective. This is called relationship synastry, and involves the comparison of both people's natal horoscopes, drawing certain correlations and comparing differences from these.


Areas Conpared:


  • Emotional Styles

  • Identity & Personal Compatbility

  • Intellectual Needs & desires

  • Romantic Style - What you look for in a Partner

  • Sexual Compatibility & Conflict

  • Shared Beliefs and Cultural Background

  • Need for Structure & Commitment

  • Need for Space and Independence

  • Transformative Potential of the Relationship

  • Childhood Wounds and the Potential for Healing within the Relationship

  • Fated or Karmic Aspects to the Relationship


Length: 10-25 pages



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