Natal Report  - Adult


Wondering what your soul purpose is? Looking for some insight into what your strengths and weaknesses are?

At the time and place of your birth, a unique celestial arrangement, rather like a fingerprint, formed in the sky over the place where you were born. A natal chart is a snapshot of this starry configuration, revealing the connection between the planets and constellations and your personality. This stunningly illustrated and individually compiled astrology report will help you to discover (or affirm) exactly what makes you tick.


Areas covered include:                                         


  • Personal Style & Life Goals

  • Your Soul Purpose

  • Home and Emotional Life

  • Your Thinking and Communication Style

  • Your Relationship Values

  • Motivation & Personal Drive

  • Career & Ambitions

  • Creativity

  • Personal Challenges

Length: Between 15-25 pages


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