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Phoebe Forsythe is the pen name of Lisa Mendes, co-author of 'The New Astrology of Towns & Cities'. An astrologer, writer and student of all things esoteric, she has a certificate in astrology from the Faculty of Astrological Studies in London, as well as an MA in Cosmology & Divination from the University of Kent, where she graduated with first class honours. She also studied horary astrology with Vernon Wells  who mentored her for a year, and especially enjoys providing written answers to horary questions for clients.



As well as a successful astrology practice, she also runs her own astrology website Astro-sphere.com, which offers a mixture of free monthly Astro-Insights, eclipse analyses & mundane predictions. Personal readings and astro-reports can be ordered via the Astro-Report Shop. She has plenty of past experience as an astrology writer. In addition to  her monthly horoscopes for several websites and alternative healing newsletters over the years, she is also the author and editor of several books, including the Oracle of the Elements - a practical guide to geomancy  - the ancient art of terrestrial astrology.



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